Weekend Program Guide



6:00   AM Born to Win
6:30   AM Bibleline Ministries
7:00   AM Youth On The March/CBC
7:30   AM Featured Programming
8:00   AM The Empty Harvest Radio Show
9:00   AM Bright Side Natural Health
9:30   AM Winning Your Race
10:00 AM Healthline
11:00 AM Adoption Perspectives
12:00 PM Faith, Word, and Culture Radio Show with Os Hillman
12:30 PM Featured Programming
1:00   PM The Ron Caskey Show
2:00   PM Hero’s Talk Radio
3:00   PM Featured Programming
4:00   PM Reinvention Radio
4:30   PM 2 Lights Media/Chris McKay Show
5:00   PM Restoring The Ancient Paths
6:00   PM Body Building with Debra States
6:30   PM Behind The Mask
7:00   PM Holy Ground/The Stand -Weekend
7:30   PM Bob Enyart Live – Real Science
8:00   PM The Real Traci Rock
9:00   PM Defending the Truth
10:00 PM Focus Radio Theatre
10:30 PM Holy Ground/How It Happens
11:00 PM Living God Ministries (Aaron Budjen)
11:30 PM Call to Freedom




6:00   AM Hope for Today w/David Hocking
6:30   AM Thru The Bible Q&A
7:00   AM Turning Point
7:30   AM Select Religious Broadcasting/Intl Gospel Hour
8:00   AM Road to Reality
8:30   AM Classic Christianity
9:00   AM The Teacher and The Preacher
9:30   AM Hunting The Way
10:00 AM Bibleline
10:30 AM Theological Seminar of the Air
11:00 AM Bethlehem Lutheran
11:30 AM Bible Views Radio
12:30 PM Matters of the Heat
1:00   PM 2 Lights Media/Chris McKay
1:30   PM Reformed Witness Hour
2:00   PM The Torah Speaks
3:00   PM Thru The Bible Sunday Sermon
3:45   PM Public Affairs
4:00   PM Restoring The Ancient Paths
4:30   PM Bethlehem Lutheran
5:00   PM 2 Lights Media
5:30   PM Pure Sex Radio
6:00   PM Matters of the Heart
6:30   PM Hope for the Heart
7:00   PM Defending the Truth
8:00   PM Born to Win
8:30   PM Love Worth Finding
9:00   PM Living God Ministires (Aaron Budjen)
9:30   PM Turning Point
10:00 PM How It Happens
10:15 PM Joyce Meyer
10:30 PM Classic Christianity
11:00 PM Born To Win
11:30 PM Southwest Radio